Entertainment, Kids Profiling, Matching, Prospecting, Promotion, Drawing Traffic
Mall Show

Traffic is the most important for the malls! A theme with gimmick that attracts people curiousity to touch and spread to their friends, would be the most interesting activities bring you people and noise to the mall!
We have the 7 animal personalities designed by famous chinese cartoon Xi Yang Yang, their director team for the charming characters! Fun, creative, and curious for touching our MiQi Fingerprint game by Kiosk, the crowds will be lining up or drawing crowds gathering! What a good show time for any products, event and promotion to be hosted there!
We were on show for the Valentine Day in Hollywood Plaza, Diamond Hill, Hong Kong, February 2014.


Brands always look for more traffic, and potential clients to their exihibition. Imagine a hundred families lining up for your service for trial, would it be happy for both the clients and the brands?
We had worked with sponsors like Convoy Finance Hong Kong, Prudential Insurance, Disney Channel etc by 2011-14 events to entertain more family and kids customers concerned about their education, finance and family planning by the quality finance and education products in the markets.
Brand awareness with immediate warm Sales lead will be following during the exihibition fair. It is an “Aha!” tool to be standout in this nowadays competitive market!