Ellen Mok is a renowned fingerprint master and early childhood music educator. She has set up Music Room@Central and MiQi – Your Key to Success Brands. She invented an innovative fingerprint profiling system to achieve her motto “Better Self, Better World”!

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“We are all born with a talent”, Ellen believes that everyone is born with a gift that you can contribute to the society! In 2008, she met a genetics doctor and learned that the fingerprint can reveal people’s talents & characters with regards to education, family, management etc., and through this you can know others and yourself better. She applied this to her music teaching and researched over 18 types of fingerprint patterns into 7 animal icons for easy understanding. She also developed the innovative automatic fingerprint system and built a dedicated fingerprint consultant team.

Time flies and Ellen has now been working on fingerprint study for 10 years. She has viewed over 40,000 fingerprints and has witnessed many parents understand their kids better through the technique and improved their family relationships. In 2018, Ellen entered the BNI (Business Network International). As the Area Director, she has taken the role of ambassador. In this position she has done fingerprint analysis of many world business leaders, studying how we can develop people’s talents, build better relationships and create more business opportunities.

Ellen has been invited to Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Shenzhen, Beijing for fingerprint seminars and workshops. She has collaborated with many international brands like Godiva, Tiffany, MaBelle, Volkswagen, AIA etc. She has been to SE Asia for promotion tour. She has been interviewed many times in print and other media. Even the ABRSM Libretto official magazine has mentioned her contributions in the area of early childhood music education and fingerprint analysis.


Irene is responsible for MiQi Corporate Development. She is also a professional fingerprint analyst. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree and has studied in Europe as an exchange student.
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She once served on the Board of Trustees at The Shaw College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and has participated in the voluntary work of the The University’s Alumni Association for more than fifteen years. She has organized volunteer teams and led the mentorship program. She strongly believes that every person should actively contribute in giving back to the society to make a positive impact in the community and drive change for good.

Irene has experience in various industries in different commercial sectors over the past 20 years. These include advertising and marketing, information technology, education, asset management, banking and FMCG. Her experience also extends to non-profit organizations. This all means that she has a thorough understanding of diverse business operations which helps her develop MiQi business into different sectors.

After learning fingerprint analysis skills in depth, Irene is impressed by how the skills help people become more magnanimous and considerate. Also the skills help reveal people’s talents and potential. She believes everyone has the right to understand themselves and help make a better world, letting everyone shine and fully live a thriving life.