Brand VIP / Private Event, Annual Dinner, Press Conference

Surprise always open heart and channel to communicate! High-end clients are exceptionally keen on personal interest related topic! The discoveries on your clients, may them feel connected, to your new products and your team!

We had invited by Piaget, Valmont and other luxury brands, serving their functions with over hundred VIPs and media people in sales & marketing events like product launch, press conference, annual dinner & parties.

Topics for International Piaget Rose Day 2014:
  • “Discover your inborn colour & character, matching with the Piaget Rose and series of flowers!”
  • 100 selected guests visited the Piaget shop in Hong Kong Mandarin Hotel
  • by serving fingerprint reading game person to person, sales team followed up with trial of diamond accessories and watches with their VIP clients

Topic for Valmont New Moisturising Mask 2014:
  • “We care about your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty!”
  • 60 selected guests served with refreshment and fingerprint reading, discovering their inner beauty while caring their outer appearance by Valmont
  • Half of the guests came were media people and with lots exposure in press and article were shown with their new product.